TAKEphONE for Palm OS

Automate your Palm's address book mechanism

TAKEphONE is a wrapper for the Palm OS address book application, designed to enhance and simplify the most common tasks -- finding phone numbers and creating/editing contacts. These tasks can be done without the use of a stylus, with just a few taps on the screen.

TAKEphONE also enables making phone calls to numbers from your address book using one of different types of devices. Find/Create/Edit Address Book records quickly and easily! No-stylus ("one-hand" or "finger") operation! Dial phone numbers using cellular/Kyocera 6035+7135 / Samsung SPH-I3x0 and I500/Handspring Treo/VisorPhone/Other devices!

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TAKEphONE 7.80.001

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